Tigo Business Forum 2015


I am excited to be participating in the upcoming Tigo Business Forum 2015 event on September 22 in Guatemala City (#TigoBusinessForum; @Tigo_GT). In this second Tigo Business Forum event, they will bring together over 1,000 CEO/CFOs from Guatemalan and Central American region companies. The focus will be on Enterprise Mobility and how to leverage this technology to create new ways to work and to compete in the marketplace. “The world is increasingly mobile. Companies that adopt strategies and enterprise mobility solutions will be better prepared to lead the growth and future of the organization,” Francisco Mancilla, director of Business Tigo said.

The event will showcase three keynote speakers including: Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple (@stevewoz); Uri Levine, co-founder of Waze (#urilevine); and me, Jeff Wallace, as founder & president of Global Kinetics and an enterprise mobility guru (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffwallace913; @jwallace913). I couldn’t be more pleased to be sharing a stage with two industry leaders and I myself am excited to hear what they have to share with the audience at the event.

Tigo Business aims to be a leader in the region for companies seeking to leverage integrated solutions for voice, connectivity and advanced cloud capabilities. This event will give Tigo Business the opportunity to showcase its offerings and bring thought leaders together to discuss how companies can take advantage of these innovations to seek competitive advantage. “This forum is an opportunity that will reveal trends in enterprise mobility, which represents an opportunity for growth and development of enterprises seeking to achieve greater productivity and be more competitive,” said Maria Ximena Rodriguez, director of Tigo marketing.

In general, enterprise mobility is the use of mobile technologies to enable corporate employees, customers and suppliers to access information anytime and anywhere, thereby improving revenues and operating results, employee productivity and customer satisfaction. “Enterprise mobility is essential to business today as it promotes innovation, new work environments and new forms of business collaboration,” said Mancilla.

According to industry surveys, 91% of Fortune 500 companies are deploying or testing the integration of mobile devices into their work processes. Enterprise mobility has driven the development and innovation of mobile devices (tablets, laptops and smartphones) to access corporate networks. In Guatemala, there are 7.5 million of smartphones and monthly, there are 4 million people surfing the internet. The intelligent integration of the mobile work force with corporate devices continues to grow as a major trend in the region.

To learn more about this exciting event, please check it out at http://hub.tigobusiness.com.gt.

Posted by Jeff Wallace / Posted on 01 Sep
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