Global Kinetics was formed to help companies “Move Innovation Forward” be it for early stage startup companies innovating a new solution or large corporates seeking to generate new business models that add value for their customers. 

We take a very hands on approach wherein we get operationally involved, as needed by our clients, in the projects and challenges at hand. We seek to expand the bandwidth of our clients to ensure that strategic initiatives can move forward, whether as part of their innovation process, key project or M&A activities. We support internal client teams by taking responsibility for major tasks and driving successful outcomes. This enables us to repeatedly deliver tangible value for our clients. 

Furthermore, Global Kinetics maintains relationships with a vast array of private/ angel investors, angel investor groups and corporate / venture capital firms, to ensure access to proper capital where needed. 

Additional Services

In addition to offering services directly from Global Kinetics employees, as needed by clients, Global Kinetics brings vast resources from a variety of vetted partners to its client engagements.

These extended service offerings include: 

  • User Experience / Design Services
  • Software / Mobile Application / Website Development
  • Social Media / Content Marketing 
  • Public Relations / Analyst Relations 
  • Legal Services 
  • Accounting / Bookkeeping

Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for clients and their innovation initiatives. 


The leadership team of Global Kinetics has decades of noteworthy experience working with startups, mid stage companies and large, multi-national enterprises, giving them a unique perspective and excellent blend of experience across a broad spectrum. As such, they have a clear recognition of the needs of the client organizations while also understanding the requirements of the prospective customers for its clients. Additionally, given the collective years of professional experience in the corporate world, the collective Global Kinetics network across prospective clients, channel partners or alliance partners is extensive. Finally, the Global Kinetics executive team possesses strong relationships to the angel investor, venture capital and strategic venture communities, both globally and within Silicon Valley, as potential financing sources for clients. 

Compensation Structure

Global Kinetics compensation agreements are engagement specific and typically done as a monthly retainer. As appropriate, and typically for earlier stage clients, these agreements can be structured as a combination of a cash retainer plus an equity stake. In these situations, Global Kinetics can participate in the upside it helps produce for its clients via the equity, but simultaneously earns a fair and reasonable market rate compensation.