As agreed upon, Global Kinetics will focus on the following activities within the first 90 days:

For sale of client products and/or services as well as for prospective channel partnerships and for raising capital.

Identify prospective partners to make contact with

Identify prospective clients to make contact with

Identify prospective angel investors to make contact with (primary focus on Bay Area based angel investors (e.g. Keiretsu Forum, Band of Angels, etc.) in U.S. and elsewhere as needed)

Identify prospective venture capital firms to make contact with (primary focus on early-to-mid stage investors)

Operational planning

Assist in establishing proper US entity structure

Assist in preparing initial legal agreements (Mutual NDA, Partnership Agreement, Employee Agreement, etc.)

Obtain client organization business cards and email address for representation

Strategy, Market, Position


Assistance in refining client’s business strategy, value proposition, market positioning, competitor analysis and sales processes/strategies

Evaluate / Validate current offerings and identify external validation contacts to assess market viability

Identify marketing firm to partner/contract with

Assist in establishing agreement / commercial terms

Assist in marketing messaging, collateral, marketing campaigns, thought leadership calendar, appropriate analysts to target, etc.

Review / Assess current sales processes, channels and strategies

Interim Executives, key personnel Hiring


Serve as interim executive within client organization for a specified period of time. Assist in backfilling interim roles and/or hiring key personnel for client.

Function as Market/Business Development executive using client biz cards/email

Begin search for permanent hire for Market/Business Development role as well as others as determined necessary by client team

Assess current team and identify hiring needs for recruitment purposes

Advisory Boards

Assist in formation of a formal Industry Advisory Board (IAB)

Develop plan for formal Advisory Board

Identify prospective advisors to contact and begin outreach

Formalize Advisory Board members, activities, objectives, etc.