Commercial Introductions


By leveraging an extensive Rolodex of contacts accrued over the past two decades working in the Silicon Valley, Global Kinetics’ executives are adept at initiating individual introductions and conduct outreach to countless companies on behalf of client organizations – be it for the sale of clients’ products and/or services or for establishing prospective channel partnerships.

When considering business development activities, always remember the following adage:

“People do business with people because they choose to not because they have to. We can always find others doing the same thing or selling the same product, it’s the personal connection that makes the difference.”

Investor Introductions


Similar to the commercial introductions for sales and/or partnerships, Global Kinetics has substantial associations in the global investor community. As appropriate, to assist clients with capital raising activities, Global Kinetics is able to facilitate introductions to angel investors (both individually and to organized angel investor groups), venture capital firms, and private / corporate investor candidates. Additionally, as an angel investor, Global Kinetics can readily assist clients in preparing its clients for such discussions with prospective investors. We have a clear-cut understanding of the due diligence processes adhered to by the investor community and we offer relevant guidance to ensure a higher probability of success with capital raising initiatives. Don’t let your fundraising efforts come up short.

“Clearly, there are more routes to failure than to success.”

Operational Planning


Since the early 1990s, Global Kinetics’ team has grown up professionally in and around Silicon Valley. In this time, we have served in many capacities across startups, mid-size organizations and large, global enterprises. We have served in C-level and executive roles within Marketing, Strategy, Finance, Technology, Human Resources, Legal, Sales, Business Development, and Strategic Alliances. We are well respected industry thought leaders, advisors to numerous companies / boards, widely published authors and public speakers. As such, we have the vast experience and deep knowledge to assist clients in any areas of their business.

Take advantage of this vast experience for, as they say:

“The most valuable lessons aren’t taught. They’re experienced.”

Strategy, Market, Position


Having started and grown companies to nine figures in revenue, grown industry top-rated organizations to hundreds of millions of dollars, served as C-level enterprise executives, built global delivery teams, worked with both venture capitalists and corporate venture groups and as active angel investors ourselves, Global Kinetics has a valuable perspective on how clients should think about the big picture and strategic potential of their businesses, manage the messaging around their companies and specific offerings, and think out of the box to create valuable, often unconsidered opportunities. We have a finger on the pulse of the market and work with clients and key partners to craft strategies, messaging and overall positioning to help accelerate time to value. Finally, given the extensive sales leadership experience of the team, we can help review and assess clients’ sales processes, channels and strategies to ensure optimal outcomes.

Interim Executives


Global Kinetics fundamentally believes in being in the trenches with our clients. We don’t believe that offering advice from the sidelines is giving it our best effort. With the vast experience and knowledge of navigating within the enterprise world Global Kinetics collectively has, we identify the roles most needed but least available within clients’ organizations. We step into the role and function as a C-level executive of the company both internally and externally facing. In this sense, we walk the talk of our advice, align our long-term incentives with our clients and lead by example.

Key personnel Hiring


As Global Kinetics works with clients, we know from the outset that our objective should be to ensure long-term sustainability and viability of your company, and specifically for the role we are servicing. Therefore, as we learn the nature of the role in greater detail, we commence the process of seeking suitable candidates to transition the responsibilities to at the appropriate time. Beyond the specific role that we fulfill, we also work with clients to identify other hiring needs and source appropriate candidates from across our collective networks. Our referrals, as most employee referrals generally offer higher quality hires resulting in tremendous benefits to our client organizations.

Advisory Boards


At Global Kinetics, we believe that our clients should reach out to any and all who can help them accelerate the accomplishment of their goals. While we like to play a role in achieving this ourselves, we also recognize that there are countless others in the respective industry of our clients that can assist in this objective. We find it valuable for our clients to create advisory boards comprised of key industry executives who can positively influence the client’s business and strategy. With our extensive network across industry and the Silicon Valley, we can accelerate the formation of such a board and allow you to reap benefits of such guidance and insights.

Content, Media & Monetization Strategy


More and more, video is the chosen format of today’s digital consumers. As such, internet and mobile delivered video is already the norm and yet still a rapidly growing opportunity. The Global Kinetics team has expertise in building and executing global content strategies for content creators. From editing and distribution on desktop and mobile, to revenue and reporting, we help you investigate various models to monetize your content investments and maximize your revenues.