Depth in our Experience

One specific offering which differentiates Global Kinetics from traditional accelerators is the depth of resources we offer to serve as interim C-level executives for client companies as needed. They will serve for a period of between 3-6 months as a full-fledged representative within the client’s organization. Furthermore, by partnering with venture capital firms, angel investor groups and private/corporate investors, Global Kinetics serves to mitigate risk for these portfolio investments. Having executives with such deep experience join the portfolio companies, even on an interim basis, greatly reduces the risk profile of these investments.

In addition to offering services directly from Global Kinetics employees, as needed by clients, Global Kinetics brings resources from a variety of partners to client engagements. These extended service offerings include:

Legal Services

Investor Introductions / Capital Raising (angel investor / venture capital)

Public Relations / Analyst Relations

Social Media / Content Marketing

User Experience / Design Services

Software / Mobile Application / Website Development



The leadership team of Global Kinetics has decades of noteworthy experience working with startups, early stage companies and global enterprises, giving them a unique perspective and excellent blend of experience across a broad spectrum. As such, they have a clear recognition of the needs of the client organizations while also understanding the requirements of the prospective customers for its clients. Additionally, given the collective years of professional experience in the corporate world, the Global Kinetics Rolodex across prospective clients, channel partners or alliance partners is extensive.

Finally, the Global Kinetics executive team possesses strong relationships to the angel investor, venture capital and strategic venture communities specifically within the Silicon Valley as potential financing sources for clients.

Compensation Structure


Understanding the business needs and financial circumstances of early-to-mid stage companies, Global Kinetics seeks compensation agreements that combine cash & equity. In this sense, Global Kinetics can participate in the upside it helps produce for its clients via the equity, but simultaneously earns a below market yet fair and reasonable cash compensation so that clients also have some “skin in the game”.